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Montañes is an arabica specialty coffee; cultivated, hand selected and roasted by artisans in eco-friendly farms on the southern highlands of Ecuador, making it one of the most distinctive and desired single-origin coffees in the region.

Ecuador's biodiversity, privileged location and micro-climates provide the perfect conditions for growing a distinctive and high-quality coffee that has remained unknown and reserved for barista championships and special cuppings.



Arabica coffee beans require very special conditions to grow. For plants to grow properly, they need to cultivate at a height of at least 1,200 meters and an average temperature of 20 ° C (70 ° F). In the few places in the world that offer these conditions, Arabica coffee beans germinate and vary due to other environmental factors such as climate, latitude and soil type. Each of these factors affect the aroma, body, flavor and acidity of the final cup of coffee. Our Arabica coffee is grown in the Province of Loja, because it has all of the above conditions


There are several types of roasts, of which, the lightest, emphasizes the natural characteristics of coffee, while the darker roast carries the natural sugars and oils to the surface for a more intense flavor.  The carefully processed beans must be packed in a packaging that allows the coffee to "breathe" and emanate its natural gas and at the same time prevent external agents such as humidity and air from entering into the freshly roasted coffee. This packaging, as used by Montañés Coffee, maintains the freshness from the plantation to the cup.

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