Montañes is an arabica specialty coffee; cultivated, hand selected and roasted by artisans in eco-friendly farms on the southern highlands of Ecuador, making it one of the most distinctive and desired single-origin coffees in the region.

Ecuador's biodiversity, privileged location and micro-climates provide the perfect conditions for growing a distinctive and high-quality coffee that has remained unknown and reserved for barista championships and special cuppings.

We are a community of small-scale farmers, artisan roasters and expert cuppers who produce the finest Ecuadorian coffee. Our roasting process is continuously improving and has been perfected throughout the years of experience.


Our superior quality comes from the commitment of our artisans to select every roasted bean by hand, eliminating any defects and providing the best product for an amazing drinking experience.



  • Traceability

  • Sourcing

  • Distinctiveness

  • Freshness